Homeward Bound

This time last year, I was on a plane back to America. It was a bittersweet plane ride. I was torn in two. While a part of me couldn’t wait to be home with… Continue reading

Overcoming Driving Anxiety

I’d sit in the driver’s seat of my dad’s old Honda, engine humming away as I idled in my driveway. I watched cars zip down the road seemingly at the speed of light;… Continue reading

The Humanness of Bookselling: An Interview with Jeff Wood

“We do not sell product; we sell books and ideas and entertainment and fun.” The bell above the door chimes invitingly as I enter Whistlestop Bookshop and hear the soft swells of classical… Continue reading

Zombie Tourists in the iPhone Era

Humans have always felt compelled to collect, record, and preserve. Glass cases in archives and museums hold precious material objects of cultural or historical import; scrapbooks, picture frames, and Facebook photo albums hold… Continue reading

Experiencing the Art of David Lynch

Weird. Disturbing. Repulsive. Twisted. Uncomfortable. Darkly comedic. No, I’m not talking about Thanksgiving with my family. I’m talking about David Lynch’s new art exhibit “The Unified Field” at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine… Continue reading

The Tourist Eye

Sunlight glittered on the softly undulating surface of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Families floated inside whimsical paddleboats shaped like dragons, as the regal ships moored to the dock shaded the waters beneath a murky… Continue reading